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The "Online Application" is obligatory for all of our academic programs and is intended to be used by all applicants who wish to begin a study or intend to continue their studies at the University of Mannheim (course shiftees or students from other universities).

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1) Undergraduate Study Programs (Bachelor's, Teacher Education, Staatsexamen)

German only

Please note: all students seeking a bachelor's degree must prove proficiency in German when they apply. Accepted proofs can be found here.

Application period for undergraduate study programs starts on 15th May and lasts until 15th July.

More information concerning the application process can be found in our Info Guide Bachelor's Degrees (in German language only).

2) Master's Programs

Application period for master's programs starts on 15th March for the fall semester and on 1st October for the spring semester.

Application for some of the master's programs for the spring semester is only possible if spots are available.

The table below lists all our master's programs and the application deadlines. All-English master's programs, which do not require proof of proficiency in German are highlighted in yellow.

Master's Programs
Application deadlines for the fall semester 2018/2019
Application for the
spring semester 2018
Economics (Volkswirtschaftslehre)15.03. - 30.04.No
Intercultural German StudiesNo
Political ScienceNo
Business Informatics15.03. - 31.05.
01.10. - 15.11.
Competition Law and RegulationNo
Culture and Economy: English and American Studies01.10. - 15.11.
Culture and Economy: German Studies01.10. - 15.11.
Culture and Economy: History01.10. - 15.11.
Culture and Economy: French Studies01.10. - 15.11.
Culture and Economy: Hispanic Studies01.10. - 15.11.
Culture and Economy: Italian Studies01.10. - 15.11.
Culture and Economy: Media and Communication Studies01.10. - 15.11.
Culture and Economy: Philosophy01.10. - 15.11.
Economics and Business EducationNo spots available
History01.10. - 15.11.
Language and Communication
Literature, Media and Culture in the Modern EraNo spots available
Mannheim Master in Business ResearchNo
Mannheim Master in Data Science01.10. - 15.11.
Mannheim Master in Management
Master of Comparative Business LawNo
Master of LawsNo
Mathemathics in Business and Economics01.10. - 15.11.
Media and Communication Studies: Digital CommunicationNo
Psychology: Cognitive and Clinical PsychologyNo
Psychology: Work, Economy and Society

For further information concerning each master's program, admission's requirements and application deadlines, please read our Master's Guide carefully.

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Further information on the application process:

To be able to use the online application portal, the SSL- Certificate of the browser needs to be operating.

The application deadlines are final deadlines, which means that the application form for admission together with all required documents must have arrived at the Admission Office by post by the specific deadlines.

In order to simplify compiling all necessary documents that prove your extra-curricular qualifications, we provide information and a template for download. Please click here for more details.

If you click here, you will get a short summary of the online application procedure.

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