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Degree Courses and Selection Statutes

Here, you will get an overview of the degree courses offered at the University of Mannheim and links to the schools' websites where further information can be found.

To get a first overview of a degree course, please click on the according name. There, you will get to the program's description listing the most important facts.

Selective degree courses provide Selection Statues, which can be found in the last column. Is 'application only' displayed in this column, these degree courses are not selective. Please note: even if there is no selective admission, you still have to apply.

All selective university spots are allocated to the applicants not only by considering the university entrance qualification  (UniEQ: e. g. Abitur) grade. Therefore, is it not a classic selective admission. Several other factors like individual scores, internships, language skills, stays abroad, etc., are relevant in the selection process and may influence the allocation of the university spots drastically. These selection criteria differ depending on the degree course and are settled in the respective Selection Statute. These statutes also state the minimum requirements for admission, which have to be fulfilled by the applicants.

You may filter the list according to degrees:

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